What is EmploymentTalk?

Benefits to the Organization

Brand Your Online Outplacement Software

There shouldn't be a difference between your organization's branding and your outplacement software's branding. Because EmploymentTalk is a private label portal, you can customize your portal to your organization's branding, including your logo, images, colors, and desired domain name.

You can also customize according to language. EmploymentTalk is also currently available in American, British, and Australian English, French and Canadian French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Dutch.

EmploymentTalk Anywhere, Anytime

Our culture is becoming more and more on-the-go every day. Your job candidates are looking for ways to do more with their limited time, whether they're out of town, on the train, or in the lobby at a job interview. But most of the time, outplacement service providers aren't engaging these candidates when, where, and how they want to be engaged.

EmploymentTalk is an online and mobile-enabled outplacement software solution, which means that whether your job candidates are at work or on the go, they can login to their job campaign from their desktops, smartphones, or tablets at any time that's convenient for them.

Customize Your Portal

Add and customize your own content within your portal.

  • Build and customize your pages, with or without HTML

  • Upload your own workbooks and materials to be available to all your job candidates on demand

  • Build and customize your own menu bar to include the tools and resources you want to make available to your job candidates.

  • Add your own best-practice campaign steps to give job candidates an easy-to-follow guide throughout their job campaign

EmploymentTalk For Your Program Administrators

Add, Manage, and Track Multiple Programs

Always have a clear picture of what's happening in your portal with the ability to simultaneously manage and track multiple programs and the career coaches, consultants, and job candidates associated with them.

Your administrative dashboard will help you easily keep your finger on the pulse of your program with an overview of all activities in your portal and where more in depth information on your portal activities is needed, you can discover precisely what it is you need to know with our state-of-the-art reporting tool.

Optimize Your Candidates' Job Search Capabilities

Optimize job search tools and resources for your job search candidates by:

  • Adding and featuring targeted job leads

  • Starting and managing career discussions

  • Adding and promoting networking events and workshops

Engage Your Candidates with Content Just for Them

Engage your job candidates with multiple kinds of interactive content to help them in their job searches, including:

  • A Help Center with video tutorials

  • News and thought leadership articles

  • Polls

  • Event photo galleries

Automate and Target Your Communications

Use our powerful emailing tool to target your communications to specific groups in your program. Create templates and triggers to ensure that your job candidates are as active as possible in their job campaigns by automating your communications to coincide with specific program dates, and actions they take or don't take in the portal.

Report on Your Data

Report on your successes and discover potential problem areas before they become issues by robustly reporting on any of your data, including:

  • Your candidates' progress in their job campaigns

  • Activities in the portal

  • Event registration

  • Your candidates' placements in new positions

  • And more.

If you need to report on something very specific in your program, that's not a problem our reporting tool is leading-edge and includes powerful filtering, grouping, and calculation tools.

EmploymentTalk for Your Job Candidates

The job campaign is a multistep process that's easy to get lost in. EmploymentTalk provides job candidates the tools they need to discover new opportunities that best fit their skills, needs, and desires, and stay on track until they find their next placement, all within the framework of your outplacement service offerings.


Self-Assessment & Career Research

With our bank of interpreted psychometric assessments, job candidates first get to know their own working styles, preferences, and personalities and what that means for their jobs and careers. Armored with an understanding of themselves that may have changed since the time they took their last job, they can take advantage of career research tools to start targeting industries and companies they wish to pursue in their job search.


Targeting Resumes/CVs

Job candidates prepare to apply for opportunities by building, storing, and sending out specific resumes for specific opportunities. EmploymentTalk's resume tool is actually a powerful combination of resume/CV tools that allows candidates to build, import, edit, parse, store, and mail their resumes all from within the portal.


Searching and Applying for Jobs

Candidates begin their job search by searching for, saving, and applying for job opportunities. Integrated with Indeed, the job leads tool allows candidates to robustly search and apply for publically posted job opportunities, but also allows administrators to share job opportunities that aren't publically posted.


Building and Growing Networks

Networking is an essential part of any job search. EmploymentTalk facilitates job candidates' ability to network throughout their entire job search by providing contact management tools in addition to industry and company research tools, LinkedIn integration, and a knowledge base of best practices.


Staying on Track

Tracking and organization tools show candidates their next steps for each opportunity they've applied for, give them a place to record important notes and time-bound action items, and ensure that candidates never miss a step in their job search campaign.


Interviewing for a New Position

For the interviewing stage, job candidates are able to practice their interview skills, record practice interviews, and obtain 360 feedback from their coaches and colleagues with virtual interviewing technology, and access libraries of sample interview questions and best practices.


Integrating into the New Job

Don't abandon job candidates right after they find their new placement. EmploymentTalk's library of best practices and self-assessment tools can help new hires evaluate how their working styles, values, and personalities fit into their new workplace and alongside their new colleagues, ensuring that they're self-aware in their new environment and set up for success from the very beginning.

Success Stories

At BPI, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness to the needs of both existing and potential customers. Insala's fast and reliable customer service and support have enabled us to do just that. When BPI UK were faced with a tight deadline to develop a career center website for a customer, Insala quickly met our needs. The Insala team were able to translate the BPI France website into British English and launch the website in record time. As a result, we were able to deliver our career center services to the customer with timescales that exceeded their expectations.

Diana Westlake
Managing Consultant BPI Group

This past winter was definitely remarkable. We found that the E-mail Broadcaster function is the easiest and fastest way to reach all our candidates to inform them of any changes in our office hours - including having to close due to inclement weather, delayed openings, or early closure. Additionally, we use this function to promote our seminars and workshops, and the career coaches can reach all of their candidates in one simple email. This tool is a tremendous asset.

Antoinette Murray
Director, Administration & Client Relations The Schegg Group

As a comprehensive online solution for managing and delivering our services, we are enthusiastic users of EmploymentTalk™. In particular, we believe it has a comprehensive range of career tools for our clients, it efficiently records all activities and charts the progress of our many programmes. Furthermore, EmploymentTalk™ has a wide range of reporting options which highlight key performance indicators and allow us to assure our customers that we are meeting service level agreements.

Giles Brady
Principal, Global Diversity and Inclusion
Cepec Career Management

Sprint was looking for an added dimension to really differentiate us in the outplacement and career transition market place, and allow our clients access to our knowledge and support 24/7. Insala offered the perfect tool, with a fully-configurable online resource centre that we have been able to shape to suit our clients' needs. Working with Insala as our technological partner has been a great success, and we are confident that with Insala, Sprint can continue to provide new, informative, intuitive and innovative career transition services to our clients.

Dave Murray
Projects Director
Sprint Outplacement Services Ltd

Our candidates are just blown away by the amount of research they get on specific companies and industries. Their ability to get REALLY good information, and MUCH MORE information than they typically could get on their own, and have it presented so quickly and effectively, is very powerful. It gives us a big sales and marketing advantage.

Kathleen Brown
Vice President, Career Transition Services King & Bishop

Insala has excelled as a global technology partner to our organization. Insala is not only a provider and implementer of superior career management technology, but a constant and reliable source of ideas and best practices in our industry. Having Insala as a strategic partner has enabled our organization to provide superior, seamless career management and transition services to corporate clients worldwide, and has positioned OI Partners as a global leader in the delivery of career transition services.

Joy Reed Belt, Ph.D.
Chairman and Managing Partner OI Partners, Americas

We first started using EmploymentTalk™ in our practice in 2001, and have stuck with it ever since. What spurred us to stay on was both the professionalism and responsiveness of the Insala team, as well as the regular software upgrades we received, which ensured we had a cutting edge tool at any given time. Today, EmploymentTalk™ enables us to deliver a longer duration of outplacement services and thereby exceed our clients' expectations. As more and more organizations look to provide cost-effective, efficient and high-impact outplacement, we are able to meet their needs.

Len Rishkofski
CEO Snowden

This is a fantastic product that will really help our workforce. The Insala team has done a great job maximizing the application capabilities and tailoring it to help our diverse workforce in transition. They've demonstrated a true partnership in providing us with expert assistance, met our special needs, and done so in a timely and cost effective manner.

Len Martinez
VP of Administration and Chief Financial Officer Kaiser-Hill Company, LLC