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Insala's outplacement films can be used for organizations and individuals who assisting the process of restructuring or downsizing, including outplacement firms, HR Directors, Executives and Managers.

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The Real Life Film Series™ Ė Outplacement Films

Insala's outplacement films can be used for organizations and individuals assisting the restructuring or downsizing process, including outplacement firms, HR directors, executives and managers.

Uses of the films include:

  • Enhancing notification training workshops and consulting
  • Helping employees to cope with change
  • Preparing managers for difficult conversations during restructuring
  • Highlighting the emotional impact of restructuring across the workforce to enable better communication

Insala's outplacement films are brought to you in partnership with Big Shoulder. The team at Big Shoulder has been producing notable documentaries for 12 years at the BBC, we know that these films move an audience and affect change.


  • Stimulates conversation about the sorts of reactions managers should expect when delivering the message, enabling managers to be better prepared and more confident in managing change
  • Differentiates your notification training
  • Enables you to manage the emotional aspects of notification training in a powerful, yet non-threatening way
  • Powerfully illustrates how different people react to layoffs/redundancy in different ways
  • Enables organizations to improve the way they manage the aftermath of restructuring by giving consideration to how to manage those who remain in the organization
If you'd like further information, pricing and details on how to get these films simply contact us using the form.