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EmploymentTalk™ is the industry's leading online career transition solution since 2000, used widely by outplacement and career management firms as a comprehensive solution powering their practice, client delivery, and consultant management, improving the overall career transition experience for all participants. EmploymentTalk™ also helps recruitment firms, job boards, career centers, universities, and corporations offer career services to their members.

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Tech Features

Pyschometric Assessments

Self interpreted psychometric tools including:

  • CenterMark
    The work of Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs provides insights into behavior and helps individuals better understand themselves, their motivations, strengths, and potential areas for growth

  • MatchPoint
    Measures job-related qualities that make a person productive such as thinking and reasoning style, behavioral traits and occupational interests

  • WorkingStyle
    Helps individuals to understand their own working style, understand the work style of those around them and help bridge the gap between their working styles and others' styles.

  • ValueBase
    Designed to help individuals identify their values and establish the important priorities at this time in their career and life.

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The industry's leading online career transition solution
for 14 years


    Mar 16, 2015

    2015 February Job Cut Report: 50,579 Cuts, 38% of All Cuts Due to Oil Prices

    Planned job cuts declined slightly in February, as US-based employers announced workforce reductions totaling 50,579, five percent fewer than the 53,041 in January, according to the report on monthly job cuts released Thursday by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

    Feb 6, 2015

    What's Next After a Downsizing?

    While the fears of the newly-unemployed are understandably large and overwhelming, let’s shift gears a bit to consider an often-ignored group: the employees left behind after the downsizing is over.

    Dec 17, 2014

    You're Missing Opportunities With Your Underperformers

    The real question is this: When people are underperforming, do performance improvement plans really go far enough to look at individuals and how suited they are for the role that they’re in?

    Oct 23, 2014

    It's Not a Ceiling You Should Be Worried About

    Organisational transparency is really the foundation of internal career movement, and can mean a lot to employees - not only because it engenders trust between them and the organisation, but because it makes it easy for employees to access the information they need to plan to transition internally when they need it, without having to go through several different channels.

    Aug 13, 2014

    6 Steps to Include in Your Outplacement Strategy

    Often, a misconception about outplacement is that it’s just about the program. The truth is that outplacement strategies at their most effective consider outplacement as an entire project, starting right when the organization thinks about re-aligning some of their staff - even it’s only one person. Here are the six steps you need to consider as part of your outplacement strategy.